About Me

Kirsten at Ollantaytambo, Peru

The earth has a voice and she speaks to us through the spirits of the land and the wisdom of our ancestors.

People are waking up and beginning to pay attention to indigenous wisdom.  In these times of climate change, building a relationship with sacred sites, the spirits of the land and water, is a source of comfort and understanding.

Part of our current dilemma in a modern society can be solved by reconnecting with sacred sites and integrating ceremony into everyday life.  Indigenous cultures have connected with sacred sites over thousands of years.

I can serve as a catalyst to help you integrate this new awareness in a safe way and participate in the creation of a new way of life.  My services include:

– content curation from trusted indigenous sources
– blogging about sacred sites, indigenous culture, shamanism
– ceremony, education, and individual coaching sessions

I specialize in content curation that communicates the heart of indigenous cultural and spiritual wisdom.  I enjoy researching, writing and sharing about sacred sites, ceremony, shamanism from indigenous cultures in North, Central and South America.  I take pride in curating and creating content that respects indigenous people, the sacredness of life, and Earth-based wisdom.

About Me:

Kirsten Lovett: Content Curation/Blogger about Indigenous Culture, Sacred Sites

After being initiated into the Q’ero Pampamisayoq tradition as a misa carrier, I also was taught how to work with sacred tobacco.  For several years, I have practiced weekly sacred tobacco offerings which has greatly aided my communication with the water and land spirits.  I have developed a blog and social media following regarding indigenous culture, sacred sites.  

Researched, co-wrote and presented “Magic of Sacred Sites” presentation and ceremony with Celestial Tree on December 18, 2015.

Skype:  nowmomentjourn

WordPress Blog

I am offering a free 15 minute consultation to discuss ways I can help you. Schedule an appointment by emailing me at kirstenlovett@gmail.com.  I am also available for consultations via Skype or Google Hangouts.


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