Indigenous beliefs bring positive change – #PeoplesClimate

As I was writing my thoughts onto a screen instead of paper, I realized that we have all of this great technology and yet we haven’t eradicated poverty, still need to stop poisoning the earth, and build peace among all people.  The cynic in me thinks that we have this technology only because it made several groups of people a lot of money.  In addition to technology, groups control much of our basic human rights of food, water and shelter.  I heard recently that one company that bottles water thinks that they deserve to own the water supply.  What has happened to us as a species when our greed has overtaken so much of our moral compass that a few people are willing to let the masses not have basic rights of food, shelter and water?  These basic human needs are non-negotiable and should not be owned by a privileged few.

One way to combat injustice is to let people know about the People’s Climate March on 9/21/14. is organizing in New York City, in all 50 states as well as worldwide.  I am very happy to see that indigenous people are leading the charge as they are frequently bringing climate change awareness to the public.  Indigenous people have always held beliefs that caring for the environment is of equal importance to all other needs in life.  Everyone needs food, water and shelter–and indigenous people recognize that we get all of those needs met by taking care of the environment.  Maybe everyone can’t make it to a rally or march, but we can all spread the word using social media.  By sharing about this powerful event, we can empower ourselves to bring about positive change for ourselves and our environment.