Commuting in the Amazon Rainforest

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I bet you take roads for granted. You use them in your car, on your bike, hell, you might even skip down the middle of them at 4 a.m. after a particularly frivolous night out. You don’t think anything of them unless there are potholes and roadworks and traffic lights that are conspiring against you. You only notice roads when something goes wrong.

Well, what if there were no roads? What if, instead of that rush hour junction on the A10 and that cyclist who always cuts you up at the lights, you had two rivers to cross and a three-mile stretch of undergrowth to hack through with a machete? That was the reality I faced when I spent three months in the Manu National Park in the Amazon Rainforest in Peru.

Admittedly, I didn’t have to make that four-hour journey every day, but I did it enough for it…

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I specialize in content curation that communicates the heart of indigenous cultural and spiritual wisdom. I enjoy researching, writing and sharing about sacred sites, ceremony, shamanism from indigenous cultures in North, Central and South America. I take pride in curating and creating content that respects indigenous people, the sacredness of life, and Earth-based wisdom.

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