Black Bull

Tipon, Peru, 10/9/11

This picture was taken at a very calm pastoral location in Tipon, Peru.  We were hiking up a hill filled with scenic surprises along the way, including being unexpectedly accompanied by three little Peruvian children as well as encountering a herd of sheep and this beautiful black bull.  The children followed us out of curiosity which then prompted my curiosity in this impromptu convergence of animals crossing our path.  It’s always interesting to see something expecting one reaction, and then getting another.  In this case, I was expecting to be somewhat scared by seeing a bull up that close.  Instead, the bull’s nonchalant attitude was very calming to me.  I was also fascinated by watching these animals walking in casual freedom on the land.


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I specialize in content curation that communicates the heart of indigenous cultural and spiritual wisdom. I enjoy researching, writing and sharing about sacred sites, ceremony, shamanism from indigenous cultures in North, Central and South America. I take pride in curating and creating content that respects indigenous people, the sacredness of life, and Earth-based wisdom.

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